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JSTSM Ltd is an independent firm of Consulting Engineers led by John Spence, available for all types of work on Traffic Signal junction feasibility, assessment, design, specification and implementation.

We specialise in all aspects of MOVA.

Mova specialist

We are the leading advisors in the design application and implementation of Mova, including everything you need to progress a Mova scheme from inception to implementation and maintenance, including assessment, design, CAD, configurations, FAT’s, implementation, SAT’s, problem solving and fault finding.

We have ourselves designed and assisted in the implemented of approximately two-thirds of all Mova junctions, including many innovative Mova junction solutions; our track record of successfully implementing Mova applications is second to none, with many Mova applications implemented throughout the UK and Eire.

We have recently extended the service we provide to provide configurations; this enables us to provide a quick response service to finding and resolving problems either in hardware or operation in Controller configuration or Mova dataset, or indeed a site hardware issue.

Our clients include local authorities, consultants, the Highways Agency and their agents, TRL, the signal companies and JCT Consultancy. Current schemes in hand comprise all types of Mova junctions, across the UK and Eire, including many signalised roundabouts and linked Mova schemes (groups of junctions working together to maximize performance), and many motorway junctions, including roundabouts.

John Spence - Mova specialist We provide Mova Training Courses which include the JCT Mova Courses (including hands-on experience on site)  - see the JCT web pages for details http://www.jctconsultancy.co.uk  and can arrange the courses as bespoke courses to suit individual or local groups of consultants or local authorities, which allows us to inspect and often rectify of your own sites during the course.

A range of courses are available – the full Design to Implementation course of three days, an Introduction to Mova course which is a one day course, a one day bus priority Mova course, and other courses including courses for Maintenance Engineers.