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Mova introduction

All types of signal controlled junction can be improved with Mova; applications include:

Shuttle working.
T -junctions (Mova when Validated correctly is particularly good with Right Turn Indicative Arrows).
Crossroads, including staggered or off-set crossroads with or without signaled internal links, and sites with exit crossings.
Signal controlled junctions with high speed approaches.
Signaled roundabouts (fully signaled or otherwise).
Linked Mova junctions – adjacent junctions running under Mova control with co-ordination between them achieved by Linking.

All types of signal controlled junctions now operate under Mova control, and effectively control both undersaturated and oversaturated junctions, and universally, Mova has proved to be an effective means of resolving operational problems at all types of controlled junction, including part-time junctions.
Mova introduction

The more unusual design issues can all be resolved by bespoke designs utilizing Controller Special Conditioning.

benefit from assistance from innovative Controller functionality to assist in dealing with unusual arrangements or issues, for instance uphill approaches, factory gates, private drives????

Special facilities, for instance Puffin ‘unlatching’ pedestrian facilities, short cycling on junctions with flares, short cycling to minimise delay for pedestrians, even if only at specific (for instance school) times, can all be achieved.

Sites where Mova is used as fallback to Scoot, and users are beginning to look at “Dynamic mode switching” between Scoot and Mova.

There are many applications being implemented for bus priority Mova schemes (bus priority within Mova, no change in mode is necessary) which achieve flexible and effective operation.

So where can’t you use Mova? The theory was, only at fully signalised roundabouts – but not any more! There are now many partially and fully signaled roundabouts, some part time, where multiple streams are Linked together to maximize throughput.

The current issue of Mova is Version 7.