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What is Mova?

MOVA, Microprocessor Optimised Vehicle Actuation, is a proactive self-optimising control system for Traffic Signals.

Traffic signal controller Using an on-line microprocessor housed within the traffic signal controller, Mova maintains the optimum approach green time and control strategy to suit prevailing traffic conditions to minimise queuing at traffic signaled junctions.

Mova reduces delays and increases capacity, especially at congested junctions, and reduces accident rates.

Traditional Vehicle Actuation relies for its decision making process upon whether vehicles are present to extend the current stage green, as determined from detection up to 39m from the stopline. MOVA, using detectors up to typically more than twice that distance from the stopline if approach speeds are above 30mph, offers improved stage green time control, with a range of parameters adjustable to suit site specific characteristics.

Mova, devised by TRL, has proved to be a versatile and efficient replacement for traditional Vehicle Actuated control, more efficient in use and even in fault conditions, using alternative detectors in place of a faulty X detector, and in the absence of any detection on an approach using recent historic data to determine green times, far more effective than VA practice of setting a faulty detector PD.