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Mova versus VA

Mova Vehicle Actuation (VA)
Extensions to end of saturation, beyond if justified by balance of demand on all approaches. Extensions: For vehicles up to 45m extends green up to maximum phase.
After end of saturation, considers all approaches. Considers only active phases.
Link and stage maximums are available, but should be set sufficiently high not to be a constraint because 'end - sat' logic closes green only when appropriate.

Short cycling is available as a separate feature so do not need to set phase maximums low to make best use of flares.
Maximums: Fixed by time of day and day of week: when busy tends to run to maximum (especially on multi-lane approaches).
When junction is under saturated, queues should not form; when over saturated, queues can be 'balanced' by adjustable parameters. When busy, creates queues, often on a single approach, which do not clear until flow falls within capacity for the current preset maximum.
Detectors: up to 75 - 150m+ Detectors: up to 39m

For a more detailed explanation of the differences between Mova and VA, contact us