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Mova training courses

Courses are open to all; they cover all aspects of Mova design, implementation and operation.

A National Course currently run on an annual basis is arranged by JCT Consultancy; bespoke Training Courses are frequently arranged for individual Authorities / Companies, to accommodate your specific requirements.

Mova training course

These give practical experience on your own sites and there is usually the opportunity to resolve one or more of your sites, and one or more of your designs! We offer an ’Introduction to Mova’ Course, useful for managers and Signal Engineers with little or no experience of Mova (one day, held in your office).

For more detailed and on site training to complement your existing skills, we offer a two day Training Course held at your offices to your requirements, based upon your Mova sites; course content includes:

Advice on the documentation and software you will need.
Mova applications.
How to take site measurements.
Advice on the Mova site layout, including detector positions and specification.
Dataset preparation.
Advice on the Mova content of the Controller Specification (141) Forms.
Assistance with the FAT or Commissioning / SAT.
Validation - after commissioning the site, what to look for to validate implementation, adjusting the dataset as necessary to achieve optimum performance.
Mova training course material

The Course includes on site ‘hands-on’ experience, looking at how Mova works and what parameters are important, using your own sites.

Training is often sought in parallel with Mova site design and validation. At the design stage, input assists your Engineers become more familiar with the Mova design process; at the Validation stage, attendance on site imparts confidence and understanding of how Mova works, and how the various parameters can be changed to achieve the necessary effects.

For details of forthcoming courses, please contact us.

JCT arrange courses on all aspects of traffic signal design and implementation, including annual Signal Design and Advanced Signal Design Courses, which include brief introductions and reviews of aspects of Mova.

We would be pleased to discuss your requirements with you. Please contact us for further details.